Memorial Weekend – Cayucas, CA

Waaaaay back in May, before summer started officially (it’s almost over now, sadly…) we met up with our family pals, The Clarks. I think we may have found a (sort of) middle place to meet – Cayucas, CA. They are in the greater LA area and we up in the greater Bay Area.  I didn’t take many shots, but I did do a few…although I was taking some more for my “portfolio” of “teen” shots…thus the modely look of these. Lulu is a gorgeous young woman! And Silas (not pictured) is a handsome devil too, yet still warming up to the idea of me photographing him. 😉



Way back in April.

Way back in April, my daughter and I took a little road trip north to visit family in Humboldt. On the way, we camped by ourselves, for the first time. It was great. I have been sitting on these photos since then – been kind of lazy in editing my personal photos lately. But that’s going to change right now! Here are a handful of shots we did.

Warm Family

A couple of weeks ago I took my annual trip to Los Angeles to photograph families. I am SO lucky to be able to do this, and to have such fun and creative to do this with. I have not seen these guys in a few years, and it was like no time had gone by…except that the boys are huge and super fun! And mom and dad, pretty amazing too. I love when I get to just be creative. Be myself. Have fun. That’s why I do this!

Desert Road Trip – 2015

Last weekend my pal Ashley and I were able to sneak away from our lives (moms, self employed photographers, wives, chore do-ers…) and drive down to the desert. I love the desert. Love it. We went to Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Salton Sea etc….We crammed it all into just a few days – but it was great.  We brought many cameras…polaroid cameras, 4×5 cameras, SLR digital cameras, Hasselblad cameras… So fun. I love this kind of shooting. Walking out to a broken down empty shack in the desert with three different cameras in my hand – choosing the right one for the right shot.

These photos are just some of the polaroids that I took, I have not even jumped into the hundreds of digital shots, or film that happened…one thing at a time. I love these photos though – for those of us old timers, the look and feel of polaroids and film just feel more “real”. Not that digitals aren’t real….

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