Some Faves that have not been posted yet….

I have been looking through my (sparing) blog posts and see now that I need to get back in the saddle!! Here are a few.

Fabulous girls

These photos speak for themselves. I love these girls.

Remembering Summer…

Last summer, our family was so lucky to be able to get out of town…we went down to Mexico – stayed in San Pancho and played in Sayulita. Now, I know that Sayulita has become a “hot spot” this past decade, but we still had a great time. Mid summer is a great time to go, as there are not as many tourists. There are still definitely some, but not as many. Which means shorter lines for tacos. Which is all we ate while we were there. Which made us all really really happy.

Mexico, I am missing you, your food, your people, and your heat right about now.

2015 Desert

In May I took a road trip to the Southern California Desert. I posted some Polaroid photos when I returned but I never posted my non-Polaroid photos. Here are a few of my faves.  I think they would look particularly nice printed large, like 30×40, and hanging on a wall. Don’t you?

Memorial Weekend – Cayucas, CA

Waaaaay back in May, before summer started officially (it’s almost over now, sadly…) we met up with our family pals, The Clarks. I think we may have found a (sort of) middle place to meet – Cayucas, CA. They are in the greater LA area and we up in the greater Bay Area.  I didn’t take many shots, but I did do a few…although I was taking some more for my “portfolio” of “teen” shots…thus the modely look of these. Lulu is a gorgeous young woman! And Silas (not pictured) is a handsome devil too, yet still warming up to the idea of me photographing him. 😉