Southeast Asia #1

Some of my/our closest friends moved to Malaysia 5 years ago, and FINALLY I took a trip out there to visit! Now, I have done “some” travel…I’ve been to about half of the US states, I’ve been to Mexico, I’ve even been to Europe…but nothing prepared me for Southeast Asia. I am, admittedly, a white, 40-something, woman, born and raised and living in California (only having lived in Colorado for college), and I now live in a comfortable, squeaky clean suburb, if you can call Mill Valley a suburb (by way of Oakland, CA for 13+ years…). I mean, I guess it is. That being said…my mind was BLOWN on this trip. Every part of it. From the length of time it took to get there, the new-to-me snacks they serve on an asian airline, the Taipei airport and their free massage chairs, the DELICIOUS airport food (way better than any asian food I have found in Marin County yet), the diversity of people that live in Kuala Lumpur, the volume of tourists at one of the seven wonders of the world (Angor Wat, Cambodia)…and so so much more.

I have been home now for over a month, and I still have not really edited the 800+ photos I have downloaded…BUT  the ones I am posting here are some of my favorites. I have a thing, that when I go somewhere that is super touristy, I can’t help but stare at all the people. I mean, I have a feeling that we all do it. But I think it’s hilarious. The little scenes that are happening all around, the amazement on some faces, the sweaty-ness and fatigue on others…all of it. I have some pretty funny ones from Mt. Rushmore too…anyway, here are some from Angor Wat, we went for the “Sunrise Over the Ruin”, and silly me…I thought there would be hardly anyone there…



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